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Year 5

Summer 1



Year 5 have been spending their History lessons, this term, learning all about the ancient Maya civilization. They have carried out research, created posters and learnt about their belief system and the gods they worshiped. Recently we looked at how the Mayans used a highly advanced counting and number system; they used sticks, pebbles and shells to represent different amounts.

After trying to work out some of the numbers themselves, Year 5 then collected their own materials to reproduce different numbers, using their newly acquired knowledge of the number system.

Can you work out what numbers these represent?




Spring 1



The children in Year 5 have managed to squeeze a lot of exciting learning into the last few weeks. They have been researching mountains, finding out about the life-cycles of different mammals, developing skills in netball, carefully sketching flowers and making even more progress with learning how to play the recorder (see picture). We have also been having fun with our whole school theme of ‘Land Ahoy!’: creating treasure maps while looking at coordinates; writing balanced arguments about the pros and cons of living on a desert island; as well as creating a set of instructions on how to survive a desert island!



Autumn 2



It has been a brilliant and busy term for the Year 5 children so far. They have been learning more about the terrible Tudors; finding out all about the infamous Henry VIII, his six wives and the gruesome punishments used during Tudor times. They have carried out Science experiments, punctuated direct speech, calculated angles, sketched birds and many other exciting things, while also preparing for the big Christmas performance in a couple of weeks. The children were also able to complete their ‘Monster Wallet’ DT project – where they designed and made prototypes, before finally stitching and testing the competed projects, ready for evaluation. As you can see, they turned out fiendishly fantastic!


Autumn 1



Year 5 have had a fantastic start to the school year, learning many new and interesting things. They have been researching the ‘Terrible Tudors’ and have been investigating 3D shapes, such as Decagonal and Nonagonal Prisms. They have written persuasive pieces: convincing a villain to become a hero; and developed their football skills in PE. Their recorder lessons are coming along very well, in preparation for a school production and they were amazed to learn about the relative sizes of the Sun, Earth and Moon, as you can see from the picture! Keep up the good work Year 5!